Yes or No to AV?

What is the AV Voting System?

Well, the Alternative Voting System is a system in which the candidates is ranked in numerical order, in which specifically we are therefore able to cast a second vote on how many members of a specific county/region is allowed to go through to Parliament.

Why Yes to AV?

They say that the AV Voting System will cause more Coalition Governments, which means broader minds and more opinions and that MPs will have to work harder for they will have to secure 50% of the votes to gain a seat in the Constituency. Sounds like hard work for them doesn’t it?

But…why No to AV?

Well I mentioned earlier that more Coalition Governments will be created as the result of the AV Voting System, would this be a good thing? Deals behind closed doors…not a very good thing, in my opinion. And do you really want your last preference to have the same meaning as your first preference? Would you want the third-best candidate running the country you live in?

Have you decided on whether to vote YES or NO for AV?

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